a new story about the bridges between us

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Through scientific insight and lived experiences HUMANiTREE is a new documentary film explaining the bridges that exist between each of us. The story of our human family Tree.

Birthed out of our last feature length documentary. Young people from various backgrounds decided to tackle the great story of our age and with the support of Black Nine Films and University of South Wales.

HumaniTree is a groundbreaking documentary that will become a fully fledged educational tool enabling us all to seek knowledge of our history as one nation, one species and one family. Scientific disciplines, including sociology, human anthropology, history, genetics, cultural geography, migration patterns, and human behaviors, are all specialist topics of understanding within this documentary and are utilised to help to unravel our history as land mammals and give insight into our common ground.

Read more here:  https://ucnewport.co.uk/ucn-documentary-project-the-beginning-of-our-research/

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