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HUMANiTREE in your community!

Immersive Experience

Experience in your own setting by watching it as a group, either virtually (online), in-person, or hybrid (in-person and online). Your shared presence applies to the impact of the film’s message.

You host, we support

Any group that is interested in exploring the nature of the story, including nonprofit organisations, community groups, schools, universities, galleries, theatre, government agencies, and businesses we welcome you.

Please click the button above to complete the following google form to book a screening. If your group cannot afford the fee, or anticipates hosting more than 500 people, please indicate this on the form and our team will follow up with more information.


A license for screening is available to host an educational sharing.  A screening license for The HUMANiTREE includes:

  • Access to the 93-minute film during a 48-hour screening period
  • A license to host a group screening, either virtually (online), in-person, or both (online and in-person)
  • Permission to advertise your screening, charge for admission, or accept donations
  • Promotional materials, including images and behind-the-scenes from the film
  • A post-screening discussion packet to help facilitate your group’s discussion of the film
  • Screening support from our team where required.

The screening license fee is based on the package required. Each group’s payment allows us to continue to share this film with communities that would not otherwise be able to gain access to this knowledge. Screening starts at £150.  The screening license fee is shaped by:

  • Whether online or physical and the size of the audience
  • Q&A/Post Screening discussion provided by us or supported by cast/crew of the production. 
  • Duration / Location
  • For additional fees access to professionals that can give very in-depth and specific answers to the multi-disciplines mentioned in the film can also be organised

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Educational resources

Discover our comprehensive educational resources intricately developed from the themes and content of our film. Reach out to us for further insights.

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how we are mindful with media

Explore our groundbreaking research delving into the intricate strategies employed to protect and nurture the screen-based economy.