The HUMANiTREE: A story of us humans, from the roots to the fruit around the globe 

One planet, one human race and so many problems. The HUMANiTREE is an award-winning 90-minute documentary that is the most up-to-date film on humanity’s collective story on earth. It explains the evidence of human origins in Africa, and how black people spread across the globe seeding civilisations before we became so many different ethnicities. Today the earth is at a tipping point from human activity, learn the story of how cultures evolved, survived, thrived, clashed, mixed, learnt and innovated so we may build a better world for tomorrow.

10 young people from south Wales worked alongside a professional film crew to embark on an incredible journey of research and investigation. Their adventure dispelled ignorance and revealed exclusive interviews with experts from multiple scientific disciplines, such as genetics, environment, anthropology as well as history and sociology. Using state-of-the-art AI digital art and sound design alongside incredible footage from around the world, the HUMANiTREE is a story of the human family tree, that, if you’re human, you need to watch!




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