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(Left to Right) Mez,Shanice, Primo, Patrick, Abu Bakr Madden Al Shabazz, Nuaki Aru, Jordan, Thomas Booth, Subhadra Das,Pierre

This feature-length documentary film explores the bridges between all humans through scientific insights and lived experiences. Amidst the modern global complexities, 11 young people aged 16-24 with a professional film crew, produced a film that demystifies and fosters common understanding, utilising cutting-edge technology and worldwide footage.

HUMANiTREE bridges education and exploration, offering insights and fostering global awareness. Crafted over two years through a community-engaged approach, it offers a crucial untold story, helping viewers to understand our shared human experience.

behind the process

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A multi award-winning documentary

This is a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary film project. Through revealing interviews with experts from a variety of scientific disciplines which includes human genetic origins in Africa, early civilisations, global migrations out of Africa, environmental changes, genetic variations and how the human family can work more together in the 21st century.

Aligned with the new curriculum change in Wales to global black history this film shares a refreshing outlook that young generations have helped communicate.

Our Project

Through Urban Circle’s method, specialising in supporting and developing pathways for young people into careers and further education, allowed Young adults from wide cultural diverse groups to learn about their ancestry and then plan and eventually produce this bespoke film that is glueing their story together.

Our Tone

From the viewpoint of multiple disciplines such as sociology, human anthropology, history, genetics, cultural geography, migration patterns and human behaviours. All specialist topics converge into telling the shared history as a species that has achieved so much yet has lessons still to learn.

Our Story

Told through a series of critical interviews across the cultural spectrum as well as specialist disciplines. Accompanying narration underpins a foundation of our collective growth with the use of archives and licensed footage from multiple sites as well as independent filmmakers who have contributed to sharing all of our stories.

As a lead youth worker working on this project has been astonishing. The project is bringing about the history of human race, what makes us who we are, how have we began from and how are we all connected. The mind map of this project is an endless string that our intelligent young people are seeking to find answers for.

Mez Ali - Executive Producer & Youth Worker

watch the process

Discover the production journey and hear firsthand accounts from the young people who journeyed alongside us. Dive into the narrative of our short film and connect with the experiences that shaped it.