Documentary Project- The beginning of our research

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After the success of ‘Wales Untold’ Documentary- members of Urban Circle have began the process of creating a secondary documentary that will lead on from the 2015 success; it will focus on Wales as well as expanding both nationally and internationally.

You can watch ‘Wales Untold’ via Amazon Prime. FREE HERE.

This new documentary will analyse the study of genetics and human migrations.

The project kick started with a week long film-making workshop with Black Nine Films. Hosted at the University South Wales; members of Urban Circle took part in a 5 day research programme- learning about the power of film, the impact of the media, and stereotypes that still exist in film and exploring the qualities of a powerful documentary.

A little insight to some of our team building activities during film week.

As a lead youth worker working on this project has been astonishing. The project is bringing about the history of human race, what makes us who we are, how have we began from and how are we all connected. The mind map of this project is an endless string that our intelligent young people are seeking to find answers for. It’s a huge project that is opening many doors for us and the young people are fully committed and engaging to its max.

Mez- Youth Worker and Adminstrator